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Voted No.1 Pizza in the South East, Mulberry Street is London’s only authentic New York Pizzeria serving Giant 20 inch pizza pies. Launched in 2006 we are local and independent with stores in Notting Hill Gate and Shoreditch.

So So Fresh… We pride ourselves on only using the finest quality ingredients. We make everything fresh daily on our premises; from our secret New York dough to our special tomato sauce and we never use any artificial additives or preservatives.

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Voted No.1

In New York, pizza is more than food. Only in New York is it common for pedestrians to duck into long, narrow, dingy storefronts and emerge with a slice of pizza, then stride down the street eating in rhythm with the city, the wide slice folded up so its hot gooey toppings go into the mouth and not over the clothes.

So what makes ‘Mulberry Street’ pizza so like a NY pizza? A thin crust, 20″, straight- forward great tasting pizza. It takes a month to learn how to hand stretch and hand toss this 20 ounce dough, which the Mulberry Street team make fresh daily on site with water which has been tested, filtered and matched to New York water samples.

Getting the water right might seem going overboard – but the team behind ‘Mulberry Street’ believe that if it’s not wholly authentic, they’re just another pizzeria.This isn’t a gimmick, it’s New York Pizza!

People can come in, grab a seat at the bar, have a slice and a cold Brooklyn lager and be on their way.

With a fast, intoxicating atmosphere, open kitchen, Mulberry is perfect to either eat in or order for free delivery. Prices for a 20 inch New York pizza start at £20.99, which feeds two hungry adults. Call now for…

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